Cleaner for Instagram

Cleaner is the perfect tool for your Instagram account maintenance.

Cleaner works even when you’re not using the app. Schedule multiple actions for future execution and Cleaner will perform them during the background cycles (every hour). When the queue is empty, you’ll receive a notification that all the hard work has been completed, without you ever touching the app. Genius!

‘Cleaner’ is a third party companion app for Instagram and is not affiliated with Instagram/Facebook Inc.


  • Mass unfollow users
  • Mass remove followers (block, block and unblock)
  • Mass delete posts
  • Mass unlike posts
  • Whitelist manager
  • Support for background actions and notifications
  • Support for user search
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Support for undoing actions
  • Quick selection tools (Ghost followers, Inactive users, Non-followers, etc.)
  • Full profile and post previews
  • Activity log
  • Persistent pending activities
  • Background cycles control panel