Free trial

When you install this app, you get 50 FREE actions to try out the main features.

You can purchase the 'PRO Upgrade' to perform unlimited actions on unlimited accounts and also remove the pop-up ads.

Keep in mind that we unlock unlimited actions in the app when you upgrade, but Instagram limits still apply.

Privacy policy

Our system stores the following personal information when you use our app:

We need this data to identify your account and activate/restore your license when needed.

In order to perform Cloud Service actions, our system also stores your Instagram session identifier. This helps our servers perform actions on your behalf when you're not using the app.

Usage risks

Instagram may block, suspend or terminate your account if their ANTI-SPAM filters are triggered.

This app (or parts of it) may cease to work if the Instagram APIs and ANTI-SPAM filters are updated.

If the app doesn't work for your account, please use the Help Center articles to learn how you can get your money back.

Only Apple can refund your PRO & Cloud upgrades (the developer is not responsible for possible denied refunds).

WARNING! When you use this app you do it at your own risk! We're not responsible in any way if your account gets blocked, suspended or terminated.

Data security

This app DOES NOT send your password to our servers.

Your password is sent ONLY to the Instagram servers in order to authenticate your user on the social network.

We do not (un)follow, (un)block, (un)like or delete on your behalf without your knowledge.

We do not sell or transfer your personal data to other individuals, companies, etc.

Account termination

You can permanently delete your account and associated data from all our servers.

Please send an email to to request your account termination. This process may take up to 30 days to complete.